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April 2018 



The Nursery students used recyclable materials to make art.

The Pre-K students used recyclable materials to make art.

The K-1 students danced and sang to the "Recycle" song and other Nursery Rhymes.

The K-2 students worked on Earth Day Sight Words.

The K-3 students learned about the differences of Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling.

Week 32:

April 23rd-27th, 2018

The Nursery students practiced team building during Free Play.

The Pre-K students fostered their fine motor skills during Handwriting.

The K-1 students counted numbers 0-20.

The K-2 students read the story "Dinner" during Language Arts.

The K-3 students reviewed phonetic sounds during Language Arts.

Week 31:

April 18th-20th, 2018

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