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August  2015 


This week, the Nursery Class students learned about the seasons of the year. During Playdough, they learned and enjoyed creating different objects by hand. In the process, they've developed essential fine motor skills.

In the Pre-K Class, we visited them while they learned how to throw and catch a ball in their Physical Education class. During Reading class, they listened to “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. Story props were given to the students afterwards so they could retell the story by themselves to their teacher and peers.

This week the K1 Class listened to their Reading teacher read “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. They are also learning how to write the letter "B" and reading words starting with that letter. In Math class, they are reviewing numbers 1-10. They played a small game where they had to count the amount of animal pictures that were on the flash cards and answer by choosing the correct number.

The K2 Class learned about the different holiday celebrations in their Social Studies class. This week the class emphasized on what “Birthdays” are. For Reading, they are currently learning about how to spell and read words starting with the letter “B”. 

The K3 Class had a spelling test this week. They had to spell their full names correctly. Also, in their Physical Education class, they learnt about ways to stretch and warm up their muscles before doing any intense physical activity, like for example, racing.

Week 2:

August 24th-28th, 2015



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