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September 2016 


Week 7:

September 26th-30th, 2016

The Nursery Class learned about going “Up” and going “Down”, during Learn From The World.

During Arts and Crafts, the Pre-K students made flowers on popsicle sticks.

The K-1 students learned about different body movements during Drama and Nursery Songs.

The K-2 students visited the Post Office and sent their postcards to their pen pals during Language Arts.

The K-3 students practiced writing sentences with words that start with the letter “M”, during Writing. 

Week 6:

September 19th-23rd, 2016

The Nursery students learned to create different objects using shape blocks.

The Pre-K students crawled through tunnels during Physical Education.

The K-1 students counted numbers 1-20 during Math.

The K-2 students learned about the different kinds of taste during Science.

The K-3 students made butterfly puppets during Arts and Crafts.

Week 5:

September 12th-16th, 2016

The Nursery students danced to Nursery Rhymes, such as: “The Wheels On The Bus”, “Action Action”, “Do You Know The Muffin Man”, etc. during Creative Activities. 

The Pre-K students focused on counting and writing down the Number Two during Math.

During Physical Education, the K-1 students practiced walking up and down the stairs.

The K-2 students learned about Teacher’s Day and proper Thai etiquette during Thai Culture.

During Math, the K-3 students reviewed counting by twos, fives, and tens, using a computer program.

Week 4:

September 5th-9th, 2016

The Nursery students learned about the differences between “heavy” and “light" objects. They also learned about distinguishing colors.

The Pre-K students learned to count numbers 1-10 by using their ten fingers.

During Arts and Crafts, the K-1 students made different objects using play dough.

During Physical Education, the K-2 students practiced jumping over the rope.

The K-3 students worked on their midterm tests for subjects: Language Arts and Math.

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