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December 2015 


Week 18:

December 21st-23rd, 2015



The students of the Nursery Class were taught to identify different kinds of food. They were taught to pronounce the words, “banana, corn, cucumber, and shellfish”.

The Pre-K Class focused on the letter “T” this week. The students reviewed words such as, “turtle”, “toothbrush”, and “train tracks”. During Arts and Crafts, the students made Christmas Trees out of play dough. 

Other from reviewing what they’ve learned last week, the students of K-1 worked on the letters “R”, “S”, and “T” during Phonics and Handwriting. The students enjoyed searching for words that begins with the assigned phonetic sound. 

The students of K-2 worked on the sight words, “I”, “My”, “Can”, “Kittens”, “Dog”, “See”, and “You”. During Nursery Rhymes, the students sang Christmas jingles.

The K-3 Class reviewed the phonetic sounds of  “en”, “un”, and “uck”. The students learned how to rhyme words together; words such as “pen” and “hen”, “fun” and “bun”, and “truck” and “duck”. 

Week 17:

December 14th-18th, 2015



The Nursery Class worked on developing their motor skills by playing with building blocks. The students also worked on their social skills by interacting with each other during free play. 

The students of Pre-K worked on the letters “R” and “S” during Phonics this week. They also learned how to pronounce words such as, “rooster”, “ring”, “snail”, and “strawberry”. During Arts and Crafts, the students worked on identifying shapes and colors.

Nearing the end of the 2nd Quarter, the students of K-1 reviewed what they’ve learned in the past weeks. As a class, the students worked on an activity where they had to pronounce the names of the different kinds of fruits.

The students of K-2 read the book named, “Kittens”, as a class. They learned to read and spell the words, “I” “can” “you” and “see”. They also developed fine motor skills where they had to cut shapes of different sizes from large, medium, to small.

The K-3 Class received a postcard from their pen pals in Illinois, USA. The students learned about the activities that the children in Illinois like to do, such as, jumping into leaf piles and walking through woods. 

Week 15:

November 30th-December 3rd, 2015



The students of the Nursery Class focused on “sharing” this week. The students learned to play and help one another.

The Pre-K Class worked on letters “O” and “P” during Phonics. They also learned to pronounce words such as, “octopus”, "peas", and “pumpkin”.

The K-1 Class reviewed numbers 1-10 during Math this week. Each student had to count from number 1-10 and backwards (10-1).

The K-2 Class had a reading test this week. The students had to read a book named “City Colors”. 

The students of K-3 learned about jump ropes during Physical Education this week. Since this is their first week, the students are slowly learning how to jump rope.

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