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February 2023 

February 27th - March 3rd, 2023

Week 26

The students learned about the story, "Green Eggs and Ham". They also participated in different activities.

February 20th-24th, 2023

Week 25

Pre-K students made a snail during Arts and Crafts.

K-1 students practiced singing Nursery Songs.

K-2 students enjoyed an activity using yarn to learn about the Letter Y and its phonetic sound, during Language Arts.

K-3 students participated in a softball game during Physical Education.

February 13th-17th, 2023

Week 24

Pre-K students worked on identification during Active Learning.

K-1 students worked on addition during Math.

K-2 students learned about the layers of the Earth, during Science.

K-3 students learned how to count and use money correctly, during Math.

February 6th-10th, 2023

Week 23

Pre-K students fostered their gross motor skills, by identifying left and right.

K-1 students made small and big circles during Physical Education.

K-2 students learned to group during Physical Education.

K-3 students worked on their Reading Logs during Language Arts.

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