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January 2016 


Week 22:

January 25th-29th, 2016



The Nursery Class learned about colors and shapes this week. During Active Learning, the students danced to nursery songs and refined their motor skills with play dough. 

The Pre-K students reviewed their alphabets, since they have completed their Phonics Workbook. During Free Play, the students enjoyed sharing and building towers made out of blocks.

During Science, the students learned first hand about plant growth. In Math, the class reviewed counting numbers 1-20, forward and backward.

The K-2 students read “Dinner” this week. They also enjoyed a hands-on activity by making paper pizzas. The students learned about the different kinds of pizza toppings and developed their vocabulary. 

The K-3 students received a postcard from their pen pals in Las Vegas. The kids were very excited to learn about popular attractions in Las Vegas, such as M&M’s World and the desert landscapes. They also got to see a YouTube video of their pen pals in C.P. Squires Elementary School. 

Ms. Natalie's PPT of Las Vegas (More at

Week 21:

January 18th-22nd, 2016



The Nursery students learned how to identify colors during Active Learning. In Math, they learned how to count from 1-10. 

During Phonics, the students learned about the letters “X” and “Y”. They learned how to pronounce words such as, “x-ray”, “xylophone”, “yam”, and “yarn”.

The K-1 students learned about letter formation during Alphabet Gymnastics

During Active Learning, the class made Chocolate Cups. In the process, the students learned about teamwork and sharing.

The K-3 students reviewed how to spell and read their Sight Words. The words are, “pick”, “tick”, “kick”, “brick”, and “stick”. 

Week 20:

January 11th-15th, 2016



The Nursery Class continued to develop their skills during unstructured free-play this week.  

The Pre-K students learned about actions and movements during Nursery Songs.

During Physical Education, the students of K-1 learned how to jump with both feet in a mini obstacle course. 

The K-2 students read “We Like Fruit” during Reading. The students read along to an audio CD. They also reviewed their sight words and focused on spelling “Like” and “And”.  

The K-3 students took their 2nd Quarter’s Skills Assessment. This standardized assessment is used in all of the schools in the USA and Canada to measure students’ abilities in Reading and Phonics. 

Welcome Back!!!

Week 19:

January 6th-8th, 2016



The students of Nursery Class are taught to follow directions, share with others, reason, and use their imagination during free-play.  

The students of Pre-K enjoyed free-play by creating different objects during Playdough. During Phonics, the students reviewed recognizing and pronouncing their alphabets. 

During Phonics, the students of K-1 had a unit test, which they had to identify the alphabets and their phonic sounds. During Thai Culture, the students learned about Thai etiquettes.

The students of K-2, learned about plant growth during Science. Next week, the students will be conducting a scientific experiment, which they will be able to grow their own seeds. During Math, the students reviewed numbers 1-100.

During Arts and Crafts, the students of K-3 created art pieces (their family members) using recyclable materials. The students also practiced to cut with and hold scissors. 

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