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January 2017 


Week 22:

January 30th - February 3rd, 2017

Happy 100 Days of School!

The Nursery students practiced counting numbers 1-10 using beads.

The Pre-K students colored the number 100.

The K-1 students practiced counting numbers 1-100.

The K-2 students made a “number 100” crown and practiced counting to 100 using 100 objects.

The K-3 students worked on 100 addition equations during a timed raced.

The Nursery students learned to order objects from biggest to smallest. 

During Active Learning, the Pre-K students learned about different home appliances and their usage. 

During Group Play, the K-1 students worked in teams solving puzzles.  

The K-2 students learned about what man-made items are made from plants, during Science. 

The K-3 students learned about different chores they can help to do at home, during Social Studies.

Week 21:

January 23rd-26th, 2017

The Nursery students enhanced their fine motor skills by building towers with lego blocks.

The Pre-K students practiced aiming and throwing during Physical Education.

During Science, the K-1 students had their unit test on the process of plant growth.

The K-2 students received a postcard from their pen pals in Vancouver, Canada. The students learned about the Canadian flag, the top sights in Vancouver, and tasted pancakes with maple syrup.

The K-3 students learned about graphing during Math.

Week 20:

January 16th-20th, 2017

The Nursery students practiced to pronounce the names of each animal according to their distinguished sounds.

The Pre-K students worked on the number “four”, during Math.

During Physical Education, the K-1 students learned how to kick a football.

The K-2 students began their first lesson on addition, during Math.

The K-3 students read “What A Mess!”, during Language Arts. 

Week 19:

January 9th-13th, 2017

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