June 2016 


Week 40:

June 20th-24th, 2016

Rehearsal Week

Nursery Class: 

Pre-K Class

K-1 Class

K-2 & K-3 Class

Week 39:

June 13th-17th, 2016


The  Nursery students learned about shapes and colors through a hands-on activity. 

The Pre-K students learned the difference between “tall” and “short” during Mathematics.


During Arts and Crafts, the K-1 students practiced coloring within the lines. 


The K-2 students played a game called, “Roll A Sight Word”. The students practiced reading, spelling, and writing their sight words.

The K-3 students visited the Post Office during Social Studies. The students learned how letters are delivered and also got to send their own letters to their homes.

Week 38:

June 6th-10th, 2016


During Physical Education, the Nursery students enhanced their gross motor skills by crawling into tunnels.

The Pre-K students worked on tracing and pronouncing the letter “Y” during Phonics. 


During Physical Education, the K-1 students enhanced their gross motor skills by taking turns swinging.

The K-2 students worked in pairs and took turns reading their Sight Words Flashcards. They also read “We Like to Play.” 


During Mathematics, the K-3 students learned about measurements. The students learned to measure the lengths of different objects in their classroom.

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