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June 2017 


Class picture day

Nursery Class

Pre-K Class

K-1 Class

End of Term 3:

June 2017

K-2 Class

K-3 Class

Rehearsal Week

Nursery Class

Pre-K Class

K-1 Class

K-3 Class

Week 41:

June 26th-29th, 2017

K-2 Class

The Nursery students counted numbers 1-10 and reviewed the alphabet.

The Pre-K students counted numbers 1-10 during Math.

The K-1 students fostered their fine motor skills during Puzzles and Play dough. 

The K-2 students read the book, "What is it?", during Language Arts.

The K-3 students visited the Post Office in order to mail letters they have written during Social Studies.

Week 40:

June 19th-23rd, 2017

The Nursery students enhanced their fine motor skills by stringing blocks during Creative Activities.

The Pre-K students worked on the letter “U” during Phonics.

The K-1 students made button-eyed owls during Arts and Crafts.

The K-2 students learned to identify and read the time during Math.

The K-3 students worked on their Book Report for their year-end assignment.

Week 39:

June 12th-16th, 2017

The Nursery students fostered their fine motor skills with building blocks.

The Pre-K students worked on the number 8 during Math.

The K-1 students worked on the letters “S” and “T”, during Language Arts.

The K-2 students practiced throwing Frisbees during Physical Education.

The K-3 students did peer reading with the book, ““Green Eggs and Ham”, during Language Arts. 

Week 38:

June 5th-9th, 2017

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