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May 2017 


The Nursery students practiced throwing and catching balls during Physical Development.

The Pre-K students fostered their fine motor skills during Playdough.

The K-1 students worked on the letter “Q” during Language Arts.

The K-2 students made alphabet bracelets during Arts and Crafts.

The K-3 students were tested on all the Sight Words they’ve studied this school year during Language Arts.

Week 37:

May 29th - June 2nd, 2017

The Nursery students identified colors and shapes during Listening and Talking.

The Pre-K students counted seven (7) turtles during Math.

The K-1 students enhanced their motor skills by rolling and throwing a ball during Physical Education.

The K-2 students were tested on their knowledge of the star and planets in our solar system during Science.

The K-3 students learned about fractions during Math.

Week 36:

May 22nd-26th, 2017

The Nursery students enhanced their gross motor skills by pulling and letting go of a rope.

The Pre-K students identified and separated items based on color.

The K-1 students practiced tracing the alphabet during Handwriting.

The K-2 students enhanced their knowledge of shapes during Math.

The K-3 students made sheep magnet paper plates during Arts and Crafts.

Week 35:

May 15th-19th, 2017

The Nursery students enhanced their gross motor skills by picking and throwing balls during Physical Education.

The Pre-K students made face puppets during Arts and Crafts.

The K-1 students worked on the letters “I” and “J” during Language Arts.

The K-2 students read two books called, “We are Painting” and “My Cats” during Language Arts.

The K-3 students practiced writing sentences starting with the consonant “tr” during Writing.

Week 34:

May 8th-12th, 2017

The Nursery students made shapes necklaces during Arts and Crafts.

The Pre-K students learned about “O is for Octopus”, during Phonics.

The K-1 students decorated pencil holders, during Arts and Crafts.

The K-2 students practiced Mirror Exercises during Drama and Nursery Songs. 

The K-3 students used Brainzy’s Reading Programs. 

Week 33:

May 2nd-4th, 2017

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