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October 2017 


The Nursery students made flower paper plates during Arts and Crafts. 

During Play dough, the Pre-K students enhanced their fine motor skills.

The K-1 students were tested on number identification during Math.

The K-2 students learned about the life cycle of butterflies during Science. 

The K-3 students made Hello Kitty Paper Plates during Arts and Crafts. 

Week 10: 

October 16th-20th, 2017

Week 9: 

October 9th-12th, 2017

During Free Play, the Nursery students learned to share and play with their friends.

The Pre-K students made Hello Kitty Paper Plates during Arts and Crafts.

The K-1 students learned the importance of brushing one’s teeth during Science.

During Physical Education, the K-2 students practiced jumping over the rope.

The K-3 students read “See Me Skip”, during Language Arts. 

The Nursery students practiced walking over an obstacle.

The Pre-K students worked on Number 3 during Math.

The K-1 students worked on the Letter "G", during Language Arts. 

The K-2 students counted numbers 1-100 during Math.

The K-3 students learned about singular and plural nouns during Writing.

Week 8: 

October 2nd-6th, 2017

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