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October 2020 


Week 11:

October 26th-30th, 2020

During Physical Education, the Pre-K students practiced how to run, jump, and slide.

During Physical Education, the K-1 students played the hopscotch game.

During Physical Education, the K-2 students did high jumps.

During Physical Education, the K-3 students played racing cars.

Week 10:

October 19th-22nd, 2020

K-1 students worked on the Letter Ff, during Phonics.

K-2 students read "Animals", during Language Arts.

K-3 students read "Presents for Dad", during Language Arts.

Week 8:

October 5th-9th, 2020

Pre-K students fostered their fine motor skills during Active Learning.

K-1 students made hearts during Arts and Crafts.

K-2 students made heart collages during Arts and Crafts.

K-3 students made heart collages during Arts and Crafts.

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