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September 2015 


Week 7:

September 28th-October 2nd, 2015



The students learned to identify different colors by making a giant beautiful necklace. For Arts and Crafts, the students made a funny-looking frog and for Puzzles, they learned to identify and pronounce the names of the different shapes.

For Arts and Crafts, the students made fairy wands. For Phonics and Reading, the students learned the letter “F” and different words starting with the letter, such as the words “feather”, “fossil”, and “football”. The students also made reading telescopes and participated in a fun classroom activity “searching” (identifying) for different animal stickers by only listening to the sounds. 

In Values class, the students of K-1 focused on the topic of “friendship”. They learned ways to be kind to their friends and ways to prevent bullying. For Phonics, the students reviewed the letters “D”, “E” and “F”. 

The K-2 Class received an exciting visit from Mr. David Kolodziej. He talked to the class about his occupation of being a pilot and how does an airplane work, by showing many videos and pictures to the class. He incorporated his presentation with airplane toys, which helped the students to understand airplanes more fully. Sabai-Jai International Kindergarten School would like to thank him so much for the visit. Furthermore, in Math, the students practiced recognizing numbers.

This week the K-3 Class has received their third postcard from their pen pals in Wisconsin. The students got the chance to learn about the animals from Wisconsin, such as the American Robin, the Canadian Geese, and the Humming Bird. During P.E. the students participated in physical warm-up drills.

Week 6:

September 21st-25th, 2015



During Active Learning, the Nursery Class learned about movements. The students were taught how to jump, hop, and skip. Additionally, they also learned to identify and pronounce the names of different animals. In Play Dough, the students enjoyed making different kinds of shapes.

This week, the Pre-K students learned about the letter “F”. They learned to pronounce words such as, “feather”, “fork”, and “flower”. During Nursery Rhymes, the students danced to the songs, “The Wheels on the Bus”, “Five Little Monkeys”, and “Body Parts”.

The K-1 students read the story “Rainbow Fish” this week. Each student had to use their “Rainbow Fish” drawing and retell the story to the teacher and their peers. During Physical Education, the students continued to learn about balance. This week they had to walk in a straight line with their arms open.

The K-2 students had an exciting week. As a class, they sang songs about the Alphabet, the Days of the Week, Months of the Year, and the Seasons. The highlight was that the class created a new song about the four seasons, in which they all had a role in representing their own season.

The K-3 Class received a postcard from their pen pals in Oklahoma. The students learned about where is Oklahoma located, what do people in Oklahoma like to do, and get to experience. The class learned about cowboys, the rodeo, and tornados. They were also given the opportunity to try on cowboy hats, Native American costumes, and leather boots. 

Week 5:

September 14th-18th, 2015



During Arts and Crafts, the Nursery students learned about different colors and shapes. They made paper-mache of different sea creatures.

The Pre-K Class focused on the letter “E” this week. They learned to pronounce words such as “eagle”, “eye dropper”, and “elephant”.

In their Physical Education class, the students of K-1 learned about balance, especially how to tip-toe.

The K-2 students enjoyed their time at the school’s library. The students, individually, chose books according to their preferences.

The K-3 Class learned about electricity in their Social Studies class. The class took a small field trip to the kitchen where they saw first hand at the appliances that needs electricity for it to work. 

Week 4:

September 7th-11th, 2015



The Nursery Class learned about movements this week for their Active Learning class. For example, the students learned how to use their hands to pull, push, throw, and catch objects. They also learned how to kick a ball, run, and jump. For Arts and Crafts, they learned how to use recyclable materials (e.g. paper toilet rolls) to make a beautiful butterfly. 

This week, the students from the Pre-K Class learned about the letter “D”. They learned how to pronounce words such as “donut”, “dog” and “dice”. During Nursery Rhymes, the class enjoyed signing and dancing to songs such as “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Action Action”.

The K-1 Class reviewed the letters, “A”, “B”, and “C”. The class completed a small test on upper and lower cases of the three letters. For Arts and Crafts, the students made paper mache of their family members. This week the students are making pictures of their mothers.

This week, the K-2 Class are learning about “hearing” in their Science class. The students worked on a small exercise, where they had to listen to different sounds and identified them. During Educational Games, they learned about how to be LOUD and SOFT.

The students of K-3 learned about families. The class discussed about the different types of families, since not all families are the same. Each student shared to their classmates and teacher about how many family members they have. Every one enjoyed sharing stories about and drawing their family. For Reading, the students have received one special postcard from New Mexico. So, the students spent the class studying and learning about New Mexico, USA. Next week, the students will receive a postcard from their pen pals in Michigan, USA.


This week the students from the Nursery Class made paper butterflies during Arts and Crafts. They learned how to use different shapes and colors for their butterflies. During Puzzles time, they learned how to recognize where to put each puzzle piece into its correct location. These exercises aim to help them to improve their logical thinking skills.

Week 3:

September 1st-4th, 2015



The students from the Pre-K Class were taught the letter “C” this week. In their Phonics class they learned how to pronounce words starting with the letter “C”, such as “cat”, “cup”, and “cake”. For Play Dough, they learned how to make and identify different shapes.

The K-1 Class students learned how to write the letter “C” during their Handwriting class. During Science class, they learned about the first of the five human senses have: “hearing”. The students did an exercise where they had to listen to different sounds and identify them.

During Show-and-Tell, the K-2 students brought their favorite toys to class. They all had a chance to explain what the toy is, what it does, and why they love playing with it. At the end, they all had the chance to share their toys with their friends. For Thai Culture, they practiced singing the Thai National Anthem.

The students of K-3 are very excited this week because each of them was given the opportunity to write and send postcards to their pen pals from all over the world. There are 26 other kindergarten classes involved in this program. The students can’t wait to get their replies and we hope they do soon.

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